core exercises

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   Get 'Core STRONG' TODAY with these FUN, EFFECTIVE and  EFFICIENT  core exercises.


core exercises


The "13" exercises in Core STRONG "13" will drastically strengthen your core within days WITHOUT doing crunches, sit-ups or bicycles. Forget everything you learned about strengthening your core...

by simply using bands and your body weight, these Fun, Effective and Efficient exercises will teach you new and exciting ways to 'GRAB' the core and feel powerful and stronger within days.


Core STRONG "13" is not just another product from an average or 'famous' fitness professional. Core STRONG "13" is the creation of Barry Lovelace, a sports performance specialist internationally known as 'THE King of Core' by fitness professionals, personal trainers, coaches and athletes of ALL levels world wide. Barry is also a member of Team Men's Fitness, expert author, creator of several athlete training products, gym owner and has his information published in print all over the world including Men's Health.

'We are ALL athletes in one form or another and should most definitely include core training in our lives no matter what age,' says Barry.

Why build a strong core?

The core is fundamental to all body movement. You hardly make a movement without engaging your core whether it be walking up the stairs or bending down to pick something up.
A strong core provides balance and stability, a necessity in all movement.
Your core includes both abdominal muscles and lower back muscles.
A strong core reduces your chances of low back injury.
The biggest benefit of core training is to develop functional fitness - that is, fitness that is essential to daily living and regular activities.
Core workouts are innovative, fun, effective and NEVER boring.


Whether you are or are not an athlete, core training IS for YOU!

The Mayo Clinic lists 'Core Training' as 1 of 5 key elements for a well rounded fitness routine:

"The muscles in your abdomen, lower back and pelvis - known as your core muscles - help protect your back and connect upper and lower body movements. Core strength is a key element of a well-rounded fitness training program. Core exercises help train your muscles to brace the spine and enable you to use your upper and lower body muscles more effectively."

                                                                               -the Mayo Clinic Staff



Athletes and clients who use the same core training techniques you will find in Core STRONG "13" notice the same thing - RESULTS!


"Barry's core workouts are awesome! The exercises involve strength, coordination and balance and it really has helped me stabilize my core. Your abs will for sure be sore the next day which feels great!"
Caroline Larsson
Professional Golfer
Appeared on The Big Break

"When it comes to core training, NOBODY does it better. If you really want to improve your strength or sports performance than Barry's training program is for you. I highly suggest you follow Barry's training program if you are looking for results."

- Dave Soucy
Body Transformation Coach
Founder of Healthy Weight Inner Circle
Creator of the Body Transformation Course 2.0

"After doing your workouts I am producing soooo much torque that I have to control my landing because my body is not used to landing that far! Today we had to serve in a VERY BIG gym. I had no problem generating the power because you taught me how to use my core."
Therese Crawford
Professional Volleyball Player

"Barry Lovelace is The Undisputed King of Core. I continue to see and experience the value he delivers and the quality of the products he produces. If you want a Core of Steel then you must grab anything Barry has and put it into Action."
Adam Toohey
Fitness Professional, Canada
Creator of the '3-Minute Fat Loss' ebook

Thank you so much for the Core workouts!
After I do your workouts I get this feeling of ‘stored energy’. When I am playing my swing is so much smoother and easier and I don’t have to try and kill the ball anymore. It just happens.
The workouts definitely have made my game much easier and steady. Thank you Barry! I look forward to the next round of workouts!
Angela Oh
Professional Golfer, Durhamed Futures Tour

After thousands of emails and tons of personal requests asking when a 'core only product' will be available, Barry has FINALLY done it...


Whether you are new to core training, an avid exercise enthusiast, personal trainer, gym teacher, coach or athlete, CoreSTRONG "13" is your answer to incredible CORE strength.

In the DVD Barry will walk you through each exercise and offer progressions so you can perform each exercise at YOUR level. Core STRONG "13" also comes with 3 Core Super-Set workouts.

Bary is a master at creating core training techniques. Take advantage of these "13" fun exercises that he put together for you so that you can be well on your way to 'Core STRONG'!

 The core exercises in Core STRONG "13" are truly for all levels and ages


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core exercises

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